18th November 2018

The 2019 IWWF Pan American Waterski Championships came to a close at Lago Los Morros in Chile, with skiers competing for IWWF Pan Am Open titles in the finals of slalom, trick and jump.

174 skiers from 9 countries competed in this week-long regional event with various age-group categories (Under 14, Under 17, Under 21, Over-35, Over-45, Over-55 and Open).

In Open Women Slalom, current IWWF World Women’s Slalom Champion & World Record holder Regina Jaquess won the gold medal with 2 buoys on the 10.25 metre line, way ahead of current IWWF World Junior Slalom Champion Neilly Ross (CAN) 4 @11.25 metres who won the silver medal and bronze medalist Brooke Baldwin (USA) 4 @ 11.25 metres.

Patricio Font – Mexico (Photo by Tiare Miranda)

In Open Men’s Slalom, Nate Smith posted the best score of the event, 2 @ 10.25 metres, to win the gold ahead of Robert Pigozzi (DOM) 4.50 @ 10.75 metres and Carlos Lamadrid (MEX) 2 @ 10.75 metres.

Former IWWF World Women’s Trick Record Holder Anna Gay (USA) won the gold medal in Open Women Tricks with 10,280 points ahead of Brooke Baldwin(USA) 8,490 points and Regina Jaquess (USA) 8,180 points.  Current IWWF World Open & Junior Women’s Trick Champion Neilly Ross had an unfortunate fall to place 5th.

In Open Men’s Tricks, current IWWF World Junior Boys Trick Champion and record holder (10,790 points) Patrico Font (MEX) surpassed his World Junior Record score by tricking over 11,000 points in both the preliminary and final rounds to win the Gold medal.  Font also competed in the Under-17 Boys category earlier in the week and posted two 11,300 point scores in the preliminary and final rounds to show that he is a force to be reckoned with at the highest level. Both Dorien Llewellyn (CAN) and Adam Pickos, current IWWF World Open Men’s Trick Champion, tricked over 10,000 points both rounds of competition with Llewellyn taking the silver medal, scoring 10,660 points in the final, ahead of Pickos who scored 10,590 points.

Regina Jaquess’ (USA) 54 metres in the final round of Open Women’s Jump put her on top of the podium ahead of Taryn Grant (CAN) 50.0 metres and Brooke Baldwin (USA) 46.4 metres.

Hometown heroes Felipe Miranda and Rodrigo Miranda from Chile jumped 66.1 metres and 65.3 metres respectively to win gold and silver in the Open Men’s Jump Final.   Taylor Garcia (USA) won the bronze medal with a 64.9 metre jump.

Current IWWF World Open Men’s & Open Women’s Overall Champions Felipe Miranda and Regina Jaquess both won the IWWF Pan American Overall titles with strong skiing throughout the competition.

Felipe Miranda, Current IWWF Open Men’s Overall Champion (Photo by Tiare Miranda)

Open Women Overall Results

  1. Regina Jaquess (USA) 2,795.72 points
  2. Anna Gay (USA) 2,472.44 points
  3. Brooke Baldwin (USA) 2,442.90 points

Open Men Overall Results

  1. Felipe Miranda (CHI) 2,868.67 points
  2. Dorien Llewellyn (CAN) 2,759.71 points
  3. Rodrigo Miranda (CHI) 2,352.19points

Open Team Overall Results

1st. United States of America        8,401.12 points
2nd Canada                                        7,897.83 points
3rd Chile                                             7,022.26 points

Full Results

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