20th September 2018

The stage is set in Dnipro, Ukraine at the Sentosa Cable Park for the 2018 IWWF World Cableski Championships which begins tomorrow. Over 50 skiers from 12 countries have arrived in Dnipro for the biggest event in years and to win IWWF World Titles.

Nikita Papakul (BEL)

Julia Meier-Gromyko (BEL), Jana Meir (GER), Bianca and Nadine Schall, both from Austria, are the skiers to watch in women’s slalom.

IWWF Men’s World Cableski Slalom Record Holder Simon Hermann (GER), Aviv Levy (ISR) and Or Shinuk (ISR) are expected to challenge for the men’s slalom gold medal.

2017 IWWF Male Cableskier of the Year Nikita Papakul (BEL), Aliaksandr Mikhailou (BEL)  and Stsiapan Shpak (BEL) are expected to fight it out for the gold medal in men’s tricks and Maria Beliakova (BEL), who just recently set a pending IWWF Women’s World Cableski Trick record, is the favourite in women’s trick.

In women’s jump, Irina Turets (BEL) and 2017 IWWF Female Cableskier of the Year Hanna Straltsova (BEL) will battle it out for the gold medal.    Current IWWF Men’s World  Cableski Jump Record Holder, Nikita Papakul (BEL), Stsiapan  Shpak (BEL), Kamil Borysewicz (POL) and Alexander Vasko (SVK) will be looking to see who kicks the men’s gold medal winning jump.

The event will be live streamed starting tomorrow.  Details can be found here or IWWF’s Facebook Page

Tentative Schedule of Events – Revised

Friday, 21nd September 2018
7:30 AM           Trick Prelim  Women Series 2
Followed By   Trick Prelim  Women Series 1
Followed By   Trick Prelim  Men Series 2
Followed By   Trick Prelim  Men Series 1
Followed By   Slalom Prelim  Women Series 1
5:30 PM          Opening Ceremony

Saturday, 22nd September 2018
7:30 AM           Men’s Trick Final
Followed By     Women’s Trick Final
Followed By     Slalom Prelim  Men Series 2
Followed By     Slalom Prelim  Men Series 1
Followed By     Jump Finals (1.5 m / 1.65 m / 1.8 m)
Followed By     Women’s Slalom Final
Followed By    Men’s Slalom Final

Click here for the event schedule, starting orders, results and livestream link.

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