While we await confirmations and IWWF Approval, Ryan Dodd must be smiling tonight. Reports state that he has achieved what has to be a stunning life’s ambition – to add a World Jump Record to his title of World Jump Champion. All in our sport know that Freddy Krueger (USA) has totally dominated the World Record Books since 2005 – another extraordinary achievement. Ryan Dodd’s 77.4m / 254ft distance behind the Nautique 200 driven by Les Todd now leaps ahead of Freddy Krueger’s 76.2m. It has been a fantastic few years for Ryan Dodd with US Masters, US Open, Vladimir Filin and Sentosa Night Jump titles. Fingers crossed for final confirmations and IWWF approval for this Nautique sponsored athlete and his Pending World Jump Record.¬†Chief Judge was Bill Wenner.