The International World Games Association (IWGA) comprises 37 International Sports Federations, is supported by the IOC, is part of the Olympic movement and is the organiser of the World Games. The IWGA organises an annual Poll to select their 2015 Athlete of the Year – based purely on the number of votes received for the selected athletes. This year there are eighteen contenders – including World Slalom and Overall Waterski Champion Regina Regina Jaquess.

Regina won the World Games Gold Medal in 2011. The year 2015 has been an extraordinary one for her. Your votes will bring this to the attention of the world ! Her 2015 achievements alone include – Slalom and Overall Gold at our World Championships, Slalom, Jump and Overall Gold at the US Goode National Waterski Championships, Jump Gold, Slalom Silver and Overall Silver at the PanAm Championships, Slalom Gold at the US Masters, Slalom Gold at the Swiss Pro, Slalom Gold at the California ProAm, Slalom Gold and Jump Silver at the Malibu Open and Slalom Gold at the Malibu Cup.

You are permitted to vote ONCE EVERY DAY on EACH of your devices – till the end of January. The world will be watching our efforts!

Here is the Voting Link :