In the spirit of Peace & Sport the International Waterski & Wakeboard Federation (IWWF) recently completed a two-day waterski and wakeboarding coaching seminar in Pyongyang, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPR Korea).

IWWF Asia Secretary General, Chris Howarth accompanied by IWWF Homologator Nigel Talamo conducted the training on 20th and the 21th June 2017 as part of a Peace & Sport Initiative.

Having previously been members of the IWWF the DPRK Waterski Association, after a period of hibernation, has been revitalised with ambitious plans to develop the sport of waterskiing & wakeboard and re-emerge on the international stage.

“While lacking new equipment there is much enthusiasm for the sport with particular interest in investigating opportunities for cable skiing and wakeboarding.” commented Howarth

They are keen to develop new facilities on the Taedong River, located in a prime position near the centre of the city. They are currently building a hostel for their athletes on the banks of the river together with a new water sport’s headquarters. We are fortunate to have visited when we did in order to provide recommendations regarding the development plans for the new facilities.” commented Talamo.

The IWWF representatives took the opportunity to introduce wakeboarding and cable-skiing, donating a waterski , wakeboard, handles and ropes which were greatly appreciated by their hosts and athletes.

Mr Jong Yong Sop, Secretary General of the DPR Korea Waterski Association commented “Today the whole country is united single-heartedly around the supreme leader Kim Jong Un on every sectors of building the great powerful Socialist Nation on the “Speed of Mallima”, creating miracles, which surprise the whole world. By attending the seminar, I am sure that the attendees will have learned a lot about the knowledge of water ski and raised their technical and practical skills to a higher level.

All the attendants should consolidate the knowledge they’ve learned today through the seminar and apply them on the practical sessions to develop our country’s overall ranking in watersking and so, we should uphold the supreme leader’s idea of building the great sports nation.”