3rd December 2020

Based on a decision made at the 2019 IWWF Congress in Malaysia, all athletes wishing to register for Ranking List (RL) / Record Capability (RC) competitions must hold an IWWF Licence in the future. The introduction of the IWWF Licence will begin with the Barefoot, Cableski, Wakeboard Boat, Wakeboard Cable and Waterski disciplines as of 2021 (see * concerned Homologation Codes below). The disciplines Disabled Ski, Racing, Show Ski and Wakesurf will follow in 2022.

Also, from 2021 it will be effective that all RL/RC competitions and all participants must be registered in EMS and electronically downloaded to the IWWF Scoring System. Scorers will not be able to register RL/RC competitions manually in the IWWF Scoring System anymore.

Overall Concept

  • The IWWF Licence is valid for the duration of a calendar year (January 1 to December 31).
  • The “IWWF Order Licence” will be activated in the IWWF Event Management System (EMS) on January 4, 2021 (first working day of the year for our IT-Provider).
  • An athlete will only be permitted to participate in an IWWF Ranking List event if he/she is in possession of an IWWF Licence, valid for the year of the competition (USD25.00 for a Yearly Unlimited Licence or USD7.00 for a Single Competition Licence).
  • He will order his IWWF Licence in the IWWF EMS through the “Purchase IWWF Licences” button on the Public Athletes menu item and pay by credit card in US Dollars or Euros. The process is quick, easy and user-friendly.
  • Federations will be able to order Yearly Unlimited Licences in bulk for their respective National Teams (one single payment for several Licences). Families and Clubs will also be able to order their Licences in bulk with one single The Licences will be designated for a specific Athlete and credited to his account in EMS. Licences will not be transferable to another Athlete. EMS will issue email confirmations/receipts.
  • The USD25.00 Yearly Unlimited Licence will be non-refundable.
  • The USD7.00 Single Competition Licence will be flexible and not linked to a specific competition. It will be sold in the form of “tickets” through the “Purchase IWWF Licences” function (see above). If the competition is cancelled or the Athlete is rejected, he will be credited with a ticket on his EMS “Licence Account” to use for a future competition.
  • Plastic Licence cards will be NOT be issued: in case of control, the Athlete will easily be able to prove to be in possession of a valid Licence by showing his EMS “Licence Account” on his smartphone.
  • The Licence gives the right to participate in competitions of all disciplines.

Why an IWWF Licence?

  • During the 2019 IWWF Congress held in Malaysia, it was decided to launch an IWWF Licence to help finance/reduce costs for organisers to host future IWWF World Titled events in particular the IWWF World Open Waterski Championships which includes the hosting of the IWWF The International Hall of Fame ceremonies, held at the respective IWWF World Championships of each sport discipline, also needs to be financed.
  • This would result in there being more interested parties wishing to bid and host for this event so the IWWF can select event venues with the best conditions so athletes can perform to the best of their abilities.
  • Most International Sports Federations practice a licencing system to finance their operations, some up to USD130.00 for a yearly Licence! The IWWF Licence, for a modest fee, will help improve the quality of our services to our Athletes and National Federations.
  • The IWWF Executive Board is counting on the support of all National Federations and Sports Division Councils to achieve this goal because it is in the best interest of our Athletes and Sport.

Will the IWWF Licence be mandatory for all Athletes participating in a RL or RC competition?

  • YES, it will concern ALL Athletes participating in a Ranking List competition (and not only the Athletes who want to have their names listed on the Ranking List!). This is not a Licence for those who want to be on the Ranking List but a Licence for those who want to PARTICIPATE in a Ranking List competition from 2021 onwards.
  • An Athlete may not be interested to be part of the World Ranking List but will appreciate participating in a Ranking List event which guarantees a high level of competition: good event venue, good skiing/riding conditions, experienced & competent technical officials (judges/drivers), first-class technical equipment (cableway, obstacles, homologated slalom course and jump ramp, video, tow boats), publicity (live streaming, public relations, social media, ), professional infrastructure and the motivating factor of competing together with high profile Athletes. It would be only fair that ALL Athletes participating in the same quality competition pay for a Licence.

* IWWF Licence required for competitions based on Homologation Codes:
– Barefoot/Waterski: Record Capability, Ranking List.
– Cableski: Record Capability, Normal.
– Wakeboard Boat/Wakeboard Cable: 3 to 6 Stars (Wakeboard Cable will be integrated in the EMS system during the 1st quarter of 2021)

IWWF Executive Board

About the IWWF:  The International Waterski & Wakeboard Federation (IWWF) is the world governing body for towed watersports and has over 90 affiliated Federations worldwide. It was founded in 1946 in Geneva, Switzerland. It is recognized by the International Olympic Committee (IOC) as the sole authority for towed watersports. The IWWF is an affiliate member of the Association of IOC Recognized International Sports Federation (ARISF) and the Global Association of International Sports Federations (GAISF). The IWWF’s sports disciplines include, amongst others, Tournament Waterskiing (slalom, tricks & jump), Wakeboard, Cable Wakeboard, Cable Waterskiing, Disabled Waterskiing, Show Skiing, Ski Racing, Barefoot Waterskiing & Wakesurfing

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