Let the process begin!

It all started back in 1989 – and we are already just a few years away from our 30th Anniversary of the Awards. In the past 27 years, 78 outstanding candidates were inducted. Now it is time to gather the submissions for our next ceremony to be held in Paris, France, in September 2017.

Our nine experienced IWWF Selectors are already in place. It is now your turn to submit candidates for their consideration. The process is very simple and all IWWF disciplines are encouraged to take part.

There are THREE Award categories – Athletes – Officials – Pioneers. Proposals MUST only be submitted using the official IWWF online Forms. Just click on the category of your choice and you will immediately see the details required to make a submission.

PLEASE DO NOT CLICK “SUBMIT NOMINATION” till you have fully completed the Form. Once clicked, it goes immediately to our central collection point for appraisal.

The only proviso in making your submission is that the person being submitted by you for consideration has been approved by your IWWF affiliated Federation. Make contact with them as soon as possible to save time.


Good luck to all candidates and we look forward very much to our International Hall of Fame Award Ceremony in Paris next September.


Des Burke-Kennedy

Chairman – International Hall of Fame