International Hall of Fame

Selection Process


IWWF members in good standing may nominate any athlete,
official or pioneer that has met or exceeded the International Hall of Fame
minimum  requirements for induction.

The submission of Nominations is open to all so that all Disciplines have an equal opportunity. The only proviso is that each is approved by their own IWWF Federation. Candidates may be put forward as Athletes, Officials or Pioneers. By clicking on the on-line Nomination Forms, a guide is given on what is required for each submission. Each Form should be fully completed to do full justice to the candidates.

Please do not click SUBMIT NOMINATION at the end of each Form till it has been fully completed as each goes immediately to our central collection point. Incomplete Forms will invalidate the submission.


Our current experienced International Hall of Fame Selectors, appointed by the Confederations, are as follows:

Alain Amade – REP
Steve Cockeram
George Athans
Nigel Talamo
Sally Gaze

Geneva Brett – REP
Jason Sleep
Carmen Ferrer-Bosch

Meryl Lee – REP
Mike King
Tom Lumley

John O’Neill – REP
John Cornish
Andy Harris

Dan Levine – REP
Stefano Duranti
Bill Clifford

Andrew Jetten – REP
Chris Coupland
Gilles Hardy

Juergen Pitz – REP
Elke Ehlmann
Louis Polome

Lucien Gerkau – REP


Good luck to all.

Geoff Blaauw
Chairman – IWWF International Hall of Fame

entries will be closed off at midnight

ON 1st August 2022

and none will be accepted after that

Details and updates are posted regularly on Facebook at