1st August 2018

Day#3 of the 2018 IWWF Europe & Africa Wakeboard Championships at Borgo San Pietro, Lago del Saltosaw  saw a full schedule of Last Chance Qualifiers (LCQ’s).  There was still no stopping the  2018 X-Star, provided by Mastercraft, the official towboat of the event.

The day started with Under 14 Boys LCQ’s which was a very competitive category with very close scores separating the riders. Daniel Kleschar (UKR) had an awesome run, performing a series of both inverts and spins to take the win in the first heat.  The second heat was won by Wanley Fendrich (GER) who also landed a combination of inverts and spins, including a toeside 540.

Next on the water were the Open Women, another chance to advance to the final from the LCQ. The level of riding in this category was fantastic with all of the women determined to qualify.  Nicole Carroll (IRL) had an awesome run with clean execution and a great combination of spins and 4 inverted tricks, to advance to the final.

Open Men’s LCQ’s were up next up for places in the Semi-Finals.  As chance would have it,  two French riders Hugo Levert and Maxime Cadoux were drawn in the same heat and both smashed it giving the judges something to think about.  The judges had a lengthy discussion in order to make a decision on which rider would advance with Hugo Levert getting the decision having landed a KGB, Dum-Dum, Moby-Dick, Heelside 7 and a Backside 540. It was only by a very narrow margin as Maxim landed a Front Mobe, Moby Dick and a Crow Mobe.  The difference between the two French riders was Hugo’s execution and his adding grabs to his tricks, giving him better composition.  The second heat saw Ben Kassin (GER) winning his heat with a series of inverts and spins.

In Junior Men, there were two LCQ heats and the level of competition in this category was intense with all riders putting in good performances. However Noe Jan (SUI) performed a nice S-Bend giving him first place in Heat 1. Filippo Chiarelli (ITA) and Daniil Sevostiamov (RUS) had a very close battle, with Filippo taking the win with better composition in his run.

Junior Women followed and Julia Molinari (ITA), who had lost out in the qualification round, having to make her presnce felt and in the LCQ.  This time she excelled landing 5 inverts to win her heat by more than 30 points.

Masters Men’s LCQ heats were up next and their first heat was easily won by Ross Philipps (GBR) who had 6 good inverts and a 540, with  higher intensity than the other riders. The second heat was won by Constantin Schradery (GER) who landed a series of impressive tricks  such as a KBG, Tootsie Roll and a nice Tantrum to Blind.

The day concluded with Veteran Men’s LCQ and the heat was won by Godfried Simmons (NED) who showed more intensity than Wouter Deschrijver (BEL) who finished second.

Full Results:  http://www.iwwfed-ea.org/boatwake/18EAC001/

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