IWWF Waterski Council

The IWWF Waterski Council (TC) has 10 members, 3 from each confederation plus one athlete representative. The Chairman is elected by the council every 2 years. The Confederation members are elected by their respective Confederations by their congress or Federation. Each Confederation has slightly different procedures.

Mr. Candido MozChairman
Country: ITA
Mrs Dana GarciaMember
Country: USA
Mr. Robert RitterMember
Country: CHI
Mr. Larry GislerMember
Country: CHL
Mr. Dimostenis AlexopoulosMember
Country: GRE
Mr. Gavin KellyMember
Country: GBR
Mr. Glen WilliamsMember
Country: NZL
Mr. Geoffrey KeeMember
Country: SIN
Mr. Bruce CockburnMember
Country: AUS
Mr Martin Kolman Member/Athletes Commission Chair
Country: CZE
Ms. Jacinta CarollMember/Athletes Commission Rep.
Country: AUS
Mr. Ryan DoddMember/Athletes Commission Rep.
Country: CAN