For the first time on the world stage the NZ Waterski Association bring together the five divisions of water skiing in one major event.

Tournament Division: This is the traditional discipline of water skiing, it comprises of three events – jump, slalom and trick skiing.

Barefoot Division: In some ways is similar to tournament, it is made up of the jump, slalom and trick events, however the exception being that the competitor has no skis.

Ski Racing: Is an extreme sport that combines speed and endurance. Teams consist of a driver, observer, and one skier who complete a circuit over traditionally a one hour period reaching speeds in excess of 160km.

Wakeboarding: Is perhaps the latest provider to the water skiing fraternity with emergence of the boarding culture over the past 15 years wakeboarding has enjoyed a huge increase in numbers and is currently being considered to participate in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics (as cable wakeboards).

Show Skiing : Is exactly what it states. Its goal is to combine the best of our sport into an entertaining show for the public. Teams are judged on difficulty of tricks executed, plus showmanship. It includes pyramids, synchronised dancing, barefoot pyramids, and multiple skiers performing tricks off the jump ramp.


Lake Kereta is a beautiful, natural sand dune lake located in the Auckland Region, 50 minutes from Auckland CBD, 20 minutes from Parakai, and 1 hour from Auckland International Airport. This site will host the Tournament and Barefoot Waterskiing events at these championships.


Lake Karapiro boasts three waterski clubs and is considered the capital of New Zealand waterskiing. It is located in the Waikato Region, 2 hours from Auckland CBD, 5 minutes from Cambridge, and 1 hour and 45 minutes from Auckland International Airport. This site will host the Wakeboarding, Waterski Racing, & Show Waterskiing events at these championships. The competition will take place in front of the Don Rowlands Centre, which provides an ideal venue for spectators.