The 2019 IWWF E&A Wakeboard Boat Championships drew to an exciting climax with the finals held on Saturday 10th August. We witnessed an exciting display of skill and spectacular riding as the new Europe and Africa Champions were crowned in all categories from U14 Girls and Boys to O40 Veterans Women and Men. This is the first time the Championships has had all categories opened.

U14 Girls – It is great to see more young riders coming through and this category was a clean sweep for the strong Ukranian team who stole the show, taking first, second and third on the podium.

  1. Oleksandra Samoylenko UKR
  2. Zlata Pivovarenko UKR
  3. Nikita Schevuk UKR

U14 Boys – produced a really high standard of riding in the final of this category with the youngest boys laying down a series of inverts and spins – including back to back 540s, Whirlybirds, KGBs, Dum Dum and the competition in the final was really tough.

  1. Mikhail Doladov RUS
  2. Stefano Comollo ITA
  3. Danylo Kleschar UKR

Junior Women – with 360 and 540 spins, and a series of inverts the competition was very close

  1. Anna- Maria Kushkovskaya RUS
  2. Alize Piana – ITA
  3. Aurelie Godet FRA

Junior Men – again demonstrated the up and coming talent and level of riding was spectacular and the competition at the top of the category was intense. Jamie threw down the gauntlet with a stand-up run including a KGB, a heel side 720, toe side 720, a back roll to blind, whirlybird 540, a Dum Dum, switch Pete Rose, toeside backside 540, and a backside 720. Maxime was last off the dock in this category and he landed a KGB, a Dum Dum, Whirlybird 540, wrapped front side 720 followed by a heel side front side 720, a Moby Dick, a 540, a heel side back side 720, nose grab crow mobe, a 540 and a toeside front side 720

  1. Maxime Roux FRA
  2. Jamie Huser SUI
  3. Igor Columbo ITA

O40 Veteran Women – was opened for the first time and the medals were taken by

  1. Annelisa Di Corato ITA
  2. Sarah Kingdom GBR
  3. Iryna Kleschar UKR

O40 Veteran Men – these legends of the sport were landing complex inverts and spins, and with an Indy Glide, a 540, a 360, an Indy tantrum, a Scarecrow, Whirlybird and a Back roll, Francesco Starita from Italy won this category.

  1. Francesco Starita ITA
  2. Pierluigi Mazzia ITA
  3. Maarten Van de Ven NED

O30 Master Women –showed their style landing technical tricks with grabs, Inverts and a series of spins

  1. Emma Pickard GBR
  2. Sigrid Bachler GER
  3. Daryna Perts UKR

O30 Master Men – these guys gave it everything to take the title, and after a collision with the buoy at the end of his first pass Yann Calvez held on to his Europe and Africa Master Men title landing a Batwing to blind, a KGB, a Crow Mobe and a Tootsy Roll putting the pressure on the other riders who were unable to surpass his trick combination

  1. Yann Calvez FRA
  2. Lucas Langois FRA
  3. Roberts Linavskis LAT

Open Women – these ladies raise the standard year on year and sticking a scarecrow, a 540 spin, a Tootsy roll and a Raley Alice Virag threw down the challenge to the defending women’s champion Sanne Meijer. Sanne was last up and to retain her title she landed a tantrum, a front flip, a backside 360, a scarecrow a skeezer, a 540 spin and topped her run off with a huge S bend.

  1. Sanne Meijer NED
  2. Alice Virag ITA
  3. Vivara Dolinina UKR

Massimiliano Piffaretti – Italy Photo by Denis Kopylov.jpg

Open Men was as ever the most spectacular competition as each rider laid down a higher challenge to those to come next off the dock. Forced to push themselves to more and more complex tricks – there were skills, thrills and spills in this fierce competition for the Open Men Europe and Africa title. Georgiy Khudnitskiy and Nikita Martyanov, the two Russian riders put the pressure on, with the threat of Massimiliano to ride last off the dock and with the knowledge that he had already landed the double halfcab roll in the qualification round, they stuck 720s, 900s, Crow Mobe 540s, Indy Glides, a back side Pete Rose, a Pete Rose 540, and a Batwing to Blind, a Slim Chance and a Big Worm.

The last rider of the competition, Massimiliano took to the water and showing his class landed a stunning pass including a back side Pete Rose, nose grab Crow Mobe 540, back side 540, toe side back side 540, a nose grab Moby Dick, Skeezer 540, Tootsy Roll, Roll to blind and a heel side front side 720 he took the Open Men Title.

  1. Massimiliano Piffaretti ITA
  2. Nikita Martyanov RUS
  3. Georgiy Khudnitskiy RUS

The standard of riding has continued to improve year after year as these riders challenge themselves and each other to reach even greater heights. This year we witnessed the first ever double back roll landed in the E&A Wakeboard Boat Championships by Massimiliano Piffaretti (ITA) in Open Men.

At the awards ceremony the Athletes of the Year for 2018 were presented to

Alice Virag (ITA) and Nicolo Caimi (ITA)

We saw the medals well spread across a range of countries and the much sought-after team medals were closely contested. Teams played a clever strategy to maximise their opportunity of team points. The reigning champions, Italy retained their Gold Medal, with France taking the Silver and taking advantage of being on home territory a delighted Ukraine team took the Bronze medal.

Full results are available  and the recording of the live stream is still available on youtube.

Many thanks to all our Sponsors, the Ukrainian Waterski and Wakeboard Federation and Breakwater Club, Best Water Technology and our partner boat sponsor MasterCraft Boat Company for their support for the event.

We will reconvene in Toutainville, France from 10th to 15th August 2020 for the next IWWF E&A Wakeboard Boat Championships!

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