2nd August 2018










Photographer: Ismael Herrero Sanchez

The 2018 IWWF World Junior Waterski Championships got underway today at Sesena Waterski & Wakeboard Complex with the 2019 Ski Nautique making its debut at an IWWF world titled waterski event, starting with Girls and Boys Series 4 & 5 slalom.

Zuzana Oracova (SVK) posted the best Girls slalom score of the day, 4 @ 13 metres, and Spain’s Pablo Donatiu Vinas scoring 2 @ 12 metres in Boys slalom.  Series 3 & 4 slalom will be scheduled on Friday and the top seeded girls are expected to ski into 11 metres and boys into 10.75 metres.

Mexico’s  Mauricio Otero Jr. leads the field with 4,260 points followed Canada’s Carter Lucas and Malaysia Aiden Hanifah Yoong at the completion of Boys trick Series  3 & 4 .  Series 1 & 2 skiers will hit the water on Friday, with top seeded skiers such as defending IWWF World Junior Trick Champion Patricio Font (MEX) expected to post a 10,000 + point scores.

Photographer: Ismael Herrero Sanchez

In the Girls jump preliminary round, Ukrainian skiers Stanislava Prosvetova and Sofia Maksimenkova advanced to the final placing 1st & 2nd, with 41.8 metre and 41.5 metre jumps, followed by Sade Ferguson (AUS) with 41.0 metres and France’s Inès Anguenot & Perrine Sonier placing 4th & 5th with 41.0 metre and 40.1 metre jumps.

Skiers from 26 countries were introduced by the Chairman of the Organising Committee, Ricardo Botas, during the evening’s Opening Ceremony with the Mayor of Sesena, Carlos Velázquez, declaring the 2018 IWWF World Junior Waterski Championships open, together with Jose Antonio Perez Priego attending his first IWWF world titled waterski event as IWWF President.







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