The 2016 World Barefoot Water-Ski Championships will start on Saturday night here in Alma Center, Wisconsin USA. The event will run from August 14th thru August 20th. I would like to share a number of locations which will have information so you can follow the event and your favorite skiers.

If you would like to follow the event in real-time you will find the video stream found at:

If you would like to see the running order and what time the events start, see the link below. Remember times shown are Central Daylight Savings time:

Starting Time and Running Orders

If you would like to see the scores posted at the event in real-time they can be found at:

Open Division Skiers
Senior Division Skiers
Junior Division Skiers

If you would like to see how the judges came up with those scores, go look at the score sheets written by the judges. They are found at:

Skiers Scores Sheets