We are receiving many questions concerning registration through the new FISU online Registration System (OAC). Because of the registration timeline for our event, we find ourselves as one of the first to go through the process.

First of all, all of our teams must be registered by their respective National University Sports Federations. Here is the link to all FISU Member Federations, in case you need contact information.

Here is the link to the FISU Registration System. When you click it, you will see a page that asks you to enter your Username/email address and a password to sign in. The problem is that these codes belong to the NUSF in each country so you will either have to get them from the NUSF or have them handle the registration for you. The best way is to first contact your NUSF and see how they would like to handle your teams registration.

Sorry for the confusion. This will all be ironed out shortly but, as I said, we are all doing this for the first time and it will take a while to smooth things out. If you have any questions or problems, please contact me (philchase@sbcglobal.net) directly and I will try to answer your questions or get the answers directly from FISU and/or the Organizing Committee.

Thanks for your patience.

Phil Chase
Chairman University Commission