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IWWF Introduces Concussion Recognition Tool

28th March 2019 IWWF introduces a new tool kit and protocol to evaluate the conditions associated with concussions. Approved by IWWF's World Medical Committee, this protocol will help to take the guesswork out [...]

IWWF Announces Safe Sport Policy

21st March 2019 The IWWF believes that all athletes, staff and volunteers have the right to participate and develop in sport, in a safe and inclusive environment, free from all forms of discrimination, [...]

2019 IWWF Wakeboard Boat Rules Released

15th March 2019 The IWWF World Wakeboard Council has released its 2019 IWWF World Wakeboard Rules. The rules govern wakeboard competitions sanctioned by the International Water Ski and Wakeboard Federation. Confederations are required [...]

IWWF Visits ANOC World Beach Games Organisers

11th March 2019 From Left: Constance Bergmark (San Diego Waterski Club), Paul Fong (Executive Director, IWWF), Willie Banks (CEO, 2019 ANOC World Beach Games Organising Committee), Anne Cribbs (COO, 2019 ANOC World [...]

IWWF Joins .sport Ecosystem

27th February 2019 There is a new home for all your towed water sports news, results and event information! The IWWF has now officially migrated to http://iwwf.sport, launching a website that stands the [...]


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International Judges ::: Level 1
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Please contact the IWWF World Wakeboard Council should you have any questions